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Books 5 and 6; Literary Thesis (for Tues Feb 19)

Reminder for Tuesday Feb 19, you are to read books 5 and 6 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and continue thinking about / drafting your literary thesis. With regard to the reading, please consider the following questions as you move through book 5 and 6:

  • How are the gods depicted in this universe (books 1-6)?
  • How are women / females depicted (differentiate between divine / human)?
  • What transformations / foundation myths are established in these books?
  • How does the interest in storytelling, or the theme of literature, surface in this section?
  • Are there parallels or oppositions within each book? (e.g. within book 5?)
  • How many connections can you find among these tales and other tales from books 1-4?

With regard to the thesis, please review the definition of Thesis by Gordon Harvey and read the two sided sheet about a “Literary Thesis” by Gardener (in the dropbox folder along with the full syllabus). In class we clarified that this particular assignment (the annotation assignment) is focused on close reading of the thirty or so lines of Ovid and how they signify in the larger text of the Metamorphoses. (This means no outside research or connection to other texts outside of Ovid YET.) Some of the suggestions we had were to develop your observations about the text into an argument related to theme, genre (epic conventions), character, comparative or intra-textual observations (other characters or tales within Ovid), tone, narrative technique, etc. Please feel free and encouraged to utilize the “close reading” and “poetic terms / literary elements” handout I distributed the first week (also in the dropbox folder). Remember, too, that if you can structure your argument in a “they say, I say” mode, you are already establishing a space for your argument in the conversation and positioning your contribution in relation to other ideas.

See you Tuesday!