Thank you and Update

Thank you all for the beautiful and inspiring creative works you have shared with the class. Fabulous stuff.

Thank you, as well, for being so patient with the extreme circumstances of the last week; my deep, deep apologies. The good news is that after nearly a week of very dire health, my mother’s condition has stabilized. I am working very hard to catch up and will be tackling emails and posting grades over the weekend. I may not to get to upload the feedback until Monday, but will do so as soon as I can access the scanner.

So, still outstanding are:

1. the course reflection writing from the last day which is the final component of the in-class writings for the second half of the course

2. the participation assessment for the second half of the course, and

3. the research paper.

Regarding the course reflection, I would like everyone to be able to access the feedback from the full class, so I will be creating a google form and I will give everyone a link to access the results (if you are interested). Please have that completed no later than Wednesday May 22 at 4pm; There will be another google form with the participation rubric – this will be private for each student. Please also complete that no later than Wednesday May 22 at 4pm.

Regarding the research paper: please submit by Friday May 24 at midnight, or sooner. Submission is via Bb – please do not email your papers: they MUST be submitted via Bb.I have many emails to work through this weekend, but if you do not hear back from me by Monday, please resend your query. I know that some of you wanted to meet to discuss your project or the research, but I am not certain whether I will make it to campus next week for any extended periods of time. If I am able to come in, I will post an announcement so that you know I will be available.



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