The Loss of Innocence

The story I’ve written is based on the Greco-Roman Myth of Ceres and Prosopina. It is a modern day retelling of the events. Below I’ll put an excerpt from the piece:


Looking up, C saw the view of a man completely naked, strings of black hair falling over his face. His grin tightened his face, and in the light, he looked like a skeleton almost. His body stumbled slightly, his legs holding his upper body like they were nothing but stacks of meat. His manhood swung before C’s eyes, like a pendulum.

“Oh! So this is the Mama, Sweet Pea spoke about you a lot her first few days here. Wouldn’t shut up about you. Took a few good swallows of the pill for her to stop and forget…


“…Pills. What Pills?”, Mama C asked with venom in her voice, so potent that the man clad in leather winced and backed away from the door.


“These pills.” The naked man held a few red dots in the palm of his pale hands, right up to his neckline decorated by three, sharp fangs. His smile grew ever wider, and C felt herself becoming more and more disgusted and impatient. She tasted pennies on her tongue, she felt dead. Even then, she stood up straighter and walked closer to the man blocking the path to her daughter, until they were face to face. She could see a look of amusement cross his face, but also frustration, like he’d been talking to her for centuries and was getting tired of the games.


“I didn’t come all the way down here to be passive aggressively told goodbye and to leave. I’ve been searching for my daughter for almost a year. I am tired, I have grown sores in my feet and in my heart. My hair has all but turned gray. I’ve come to this hellhole for one thing only. Her name is Sweet Pea. You tell her come to the door, tell her her mama wants her home!”. C’s eyes were full of tears, but behind the waterworks, red filled her vision. The man looked to the man clad in leather and shook his head.

“ I’ll return her to you, in a week. When spring comes. I can’t send her to you now. She took six of these things before going up to dance, she won’t be ready for you, truly ready for you until she’s nice and rested and her mind is cleared.”


C’s mouth went tight and her eyes narrowed in thought. Her feet dug into the earth and she nodded her head.


“When Spring comes?”


“When spring comes, I’ll have Mercury send her up your way. She was one of my favorites ma’am, be proud of your baby girl”.


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