Io and Jove for Children

Chapter 3- Jove’s Told Secret
“I’m sorry Io. You’re just so beautiful. I can’t help to just look at you. I have liked you for so long that I can’t help but keep you to myself.” said Jove.
“Please leave me alone. You are a stranger and a creep to me. Let me go home.” she said with a cruel tone.
Jove was sad that she felt that way. He wondered why she couldn’t like him back. “What’s wrong with her? I am a god. I have powers.” Jove thought to himself.
The forest was dark although he brought some light back, it wasn’t enough for Io to know where she was walking to. She thought of how her father must be worried and decided that she’d walk and listen for the sound of the water flowing from the river stream.
“Woah woah woah. Where are you going? Did you hear me when I told you I like you? I’m a god” Jove said forwardly.
Io rolled her eyes from how much of a coward he sounded. She didn’t care about him being a god. She didn’t care about boys in general. She thought boys had cooties and wanted nothing to do with them.
“Good for you… I’m going home. My father is probably looking for me. I don’t want him to worry any longer.” Io said while walking.
“You will not go anywhere. Not until you love me.” Jove said while standing in front of her.
“Then, go get cupid and tell him to shoot his arrow on me because that’s the only way that’s happening” said Io with a catty tone.
Chapter 4- Io the Adorable
From a distance Juno was heard calling out for Jove. The way she sounded calling Jove didn’t sound pleasant, like a mother yelling for her son because he didn’t clean his room. Juno was stunned and didn’t know what to do so out of pressure he turned Io to an adorable puppy.
“Woof! Woof!” Io barked.
Jove thought, “Wow she is even adorable as a furry creature!”
He grabbed Io as Juno approached him like he was about to hear an earful from her until she noticed the puppy wrapped around the arms of Jove.
“OMG! Who is this precious thing?” Juno expressed with happiness.
“Uh… it’s mine. Yours. Ours. Yeah, this is our new puppy. Surprise!” Jove said nervously.
Jove returned the light to the forest and walked away with Juno and Io. Juno was ecstatic for Io.
“Where is the puppy going to go? We can’t take her up to the sky with us and I don’t want her running around freely here. What if she gets eaten?” said Juno worriedly. Of course, Jove agreed, he couldn’t leave his Io by herself.


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