Thank you and Update

Thank you all for the beautiful and inspiring creative works you have shared with the class. Fabulous stuff.

Thank you, as well, for being so patient with the extreme circumstances of the last week; my deep, deep apologies. The good news is that after nearly a week of very dire health, my mother’s condition has stabilized. I am working very hard to catch up and will be tackling emails and posting grades over the weekend. I may not to get to upload the feedback until Monday, but will do so as soon as I can access the scanner.

So, still outstanding are:

1. the course reflection writing from the last day which is the final component of the in-class writings for the second half of the course

2. the participation assessment for the second half of the course, and

3. the research paper.

Regarding the course reflection, I would like everyone to be able to access the feedback from the full class, so I will be creating a google form and I will give everyone a link to access the results (if you are interested). Please have that completed no later than Wednesday May 22 at 4pm; There will be another google form with the participation rubric – this will be private for each student. Please also complete that no later than Wednesday May 22 at 4pm.

Regarding the research paper: please submit by Friday May 24 at midnight, or sooner. Submission is via Bb – please do not email your papers: they MUST be submitted via Bb.I have many emails to work through this weekend, but if you do not hear back from me by Monday, please resend your query. I know that some of you wanted to meet to discuss your project or the research, but I am not certain whether I will make it to campus next week for any extended periods of time. If I am able to come in, I will post an announcement so that you know I will be available.


No Class Today (May 14)

Dear All, due to an extreme downturn, I will not be on campus today. Please work on your research papers and look for a link to the course summation / reflection (which had been planned for in class today) to be posted on QWriting by Thursday or Friday. More info will follow regarding office hours.

The Beach By Clovis Kabongo (Act Two, Scene Six)

The Beach follows brothers Cupid and Apollo Alvah who, after the strange disappearance of their mother, go and live with their estranged father Videl and his younger wife Katerina in their home in Olympia, Tuscany. After a tense arrival, things go south when both brothers discover a body on the beach that vanishes after their father’s intervention. Suspicious and now driven by the desire to find their mother, both brothers race to find her while unearthing harrowing secrets about their bloodlines.

Io’s Tale

Chapter 1- Io the beautiful
Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl named Io, she was the daughter of Inachus. He basically lives in the river because how much he loves being around it. She lived by a beautiful river stream in a forest.
One day she was walking back to her home from playing with her best friend Echo when she felt that she was being followed, it was Jove. A god named Jove, also called Jupiter, hiding from tree to tree as she walked. Io felt like she was being followed and felt scared so she began running as fast as she could to get home.
Jove started running, trying to call her, “Io stop! It’s me Jove!” Io didn’t hear him. Jove used his power to move the sun where they would be near to no light in the forest, so it would stop her from leaving. The darkness took over the day in the forest and Io didn’t know where to go, so she stayed still.
“Help! Father! Someone help! I’m being followed!” Io screamed as loud as she could. Jove came out and said, “Do not fear Io, it’s me Jove.”
“What do you want Jove? Was this darkness necessary?” Io was confused and remained terrified.
Jove brought a little light back to see her face. He had the biggest crush on Io, he had been watching her and admiring her from afar. He was nervously sweating and lost for words that Io was standing in front of him.
“Hello??” said Io impatiently. Her expression turned into anger. She started to walk away from Jove.
Chapter 2- Juno’s Search
While Jove was speaking to Io, above the clouds was his girlfriend named Juno. She was a beautiful goddess with a snobby attitude. Juno noticed it was dark in one area of the forest and found it too obvious who was up to that happening, Jove. She grew suspicious and angry.
“Jove! I will find out what you’re doing!” Juno yelled out. She took off to look for him in the forest to see what he was doing. As she looked for Jupiter, Io walked away from him because the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.
Chapter 3- Jove’s Told Secret
“I’m sorry Io. You’re just so beautiful. I can’t help to just look at you. I have liked you for so long that I can’t help but keep you to myself.” said Jove.
“Please leave me alone. You are a stranger and a creep to me. Let me go home.” she said with a cruel tone.
Jove was sad that she felt that way. He wondered why she couldn’t like him back. “What’s wrong with her? I am a god. I have powers.” Jove thought to himself.
The forest was dark although he brought some light back, it wasn’t enough for Io to know where she was walking to. She thought of how her father must be worried and decided that she’d walk and listen for the sound of the water flowing from the river stream.
“Woah woah woah. Where are you going? Did you hear me when I told you I like you? I’m a god” Jove said forwardly.
Io rolled her eyes from how much of a coward he sounded. She didn’t care about him being a god. She didn’t care about boys in general. She thought boys had cooties and wanted nothing to do with them.
“Good for you… I’m going home. My father is probably looking for me. I don’t want him to worry any longer.” Io said while walking.
“You will not go anywhere. Not until you love me.” Jove said while standing in front of her.
“Then, go get cupid and tell him to shoot his arrow on me because that’s the only way that’s happening” said Io with a catty tone.

The Loss of Innocence

The story I’ve written is based on the Greco-Roman Myth of Ceres and Prosopina. It is a modern day retelling of the events. Below I’ll put an excerpt from the piece:


Looking up, C saw the view of a man completely naked, strings of black hair falling over his face. His grin tightened his face, and in the light, he looked like a skeleton almost. His body stumbled slightly, his legs holding his upper body like they were nothing but stacks of meat. His manhood swung before C’s eyes, like a pendulum.

“Oh! So this is the Mama, Sweet Pea spoke about you a lot her first few days here. Wouldn’t shut up about you. Took a few good swallows of the pill for her to stop and forget…


“…Pills. What Pills?”, Mama C asked with venom in her voice, so potent that the man clad in leather winced and backed away from the door.


“These pills.” The naked man held a few red dots in the palm of his pale hands, right up to his neckline decorated by three, sharp fangs. His smile grew ever wider, and C felt herself becoming more and more disgusted and impatient. She tasted pennies on her tongue, she felt dead. Even then, she stood up straighter and walked closer to the man blocking the path to her daughter, until they were face to face. She could see a look of amusement cross his face, but also frustration, like he’d been talking to her for centuries and was getting tired of the games.


“I didn’t come all the way down here to be passive aggressively told goodbye and to leave. I’ve been searching for my daughter for almost a year. I am tired, I have grown sores in my feet and in my heart. My hair has all but turned gray. I’ve come to this hellhole for one thing only. Her name is Sweet Pea. You tell her come to the door, tell her her mama wants her home!”. C’s eyes were full of tears, but behind the waterworks, red filled her vision. The man looked to the man clad in leather and shook his head.

“ I’ll return her to you, in a week. When spring comes. I can’t send her to you now. She took six of these things before going up to dance, she won’t be ready for you, truly ready for you until she’s nice and rested and her mind is cleared.”


C’s mouth went tight and her eyes narrowed in thought. Her feet dug into the earth and she nodded her head.


“When Spring comes?”


“When spring comes, I’ll have Mercury send her up your way. She was one of my favorites ma’am, be proud of your baby girl”.

Christine Yang- Medusa

Michelle Loebel- A poem of “The House of Rumor”

This is a poem I created based on Ovid’s “The House of Rumor”. I believe poetry is an excellent medium into telling a story. Through repetition and rhyming words, I feel poetry is the best way not only to emphasize the importance of the house of rumor, but the power that Rumor holds over both realms.


Up in the mountaintop

in the center of two worlds,

sits a large brass house

occupied by murmurs and whispers.

From the largest Gods to the smallest mouse,

sounds fill the home like rushing rivers,

Up in the mountaintop

in the center of two worlds.

Rumor listens in on the infidelities in the universe,

every conversation cheer and sin

every prayer and every curse.

Up in the mountaintop

in the center of two worlds

Rumor uses this insight

to extinguish and create a flame

for friends and foe alike

To rumor this is all a game

Up in the mountaintop

In the center of two worlds.

I drew what I imagined Orpheus seeing once he looks back at Eurydice when they travel through the caves of the underworld. I captured the moment that he gazes upon death.

Sitting Down with Ovid (Andrew Giakoumis)

I decided to write a play a place based on a medley of stories found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, primarily focusing on the relationships which exist between a select few of the classical deities. My play is a comedic skit, rather than the alternative more serious tragedy, and does contain some allusions to the present day, something which I would keep in mind while reading. I’ll be incorporating the first portion of the play, and hopefully I’ll be able to share a bit more in class tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy!

Sitting Down with Ovid 

(A comedy by Andrew Giakoumis) 

SETTING: Within the Pantheon (temple to all the gods), in Ancient Rome during the reign of Augustus. The crowd of Romans gather to bear witness as Roman poet Ovid interviews the Olympian deities following the publishing of his tell all epic  Metamorphoses.


  1. OVID—the cocky best-selling author, who sees himself as quite the lady’s man. 
  2. VENUS—the fairest of them all (the golden apple really said so!). 
  3. MARS—the god of war, who clearly has a case of unresolved anger issues. 
  4. PLUTO—the god of the underworld, who rarely comes to the land of the living. 
  5. PROSERPINA—Pluto’s wife, Ceres’ daughter, and like the goddess of flowers I think…  
  6. CERES—goddess of agriculture, please don’t make her starve the Earth again. 
  7. JUPITER/JOVE—the self-proclaimed king of the gods, he seriously must be overcompensating for something. 
  8. JUNO—the Beyoncé to Jove’s JAY-Z, if Beyoncé were on her 300th re-release of Lemonade 
  9. IO—special guest #1, turned into a cow, now a goddess down in Egypt.  
  10. EUROPA—special guest #2, kidnapped a by bull, but I guess Europe is name after her. 
  11. SEMELE—special guest #3, burned to a crisp, the mother of the god of partying Bacchus. 
  12. AUGUSTUS—the first and current emperor of Rome, not a fan of Ovid’s work. 

*Audience Members* 


*OVID walks out waving and blowing kisses to the cheering crowd before taking a seat* 

*The Audience cheers shouting with some visible crying* 

OVID: Hello my fellow Romans! My name is Publius Ovidius Naso, better known as the Roman Times best-selling author Ovid, but you already knew that (winks at crowd). 

 Thank you all for joining me here today for a very special event! In Metamorphoses, my tell all story on the lives of the gods and their accomplishments (whispers) and faults, I have managed to write about everything from the creation of the universe, all the way to the founding of our great city. But that couldn’t have happened without a couple of firsthand accounts and interviews from the gods themselves. And only a fine man like myself could have even accomplished something like this. But without further ado let’s bring out our first guest to share a bit more of his section within my epic. We all know him as the bloodthirsty god of war, but I also exposed him as a home-wrecker, he’s Mars. Let’s invite him out 

*MARS enter the scene in a huff chased by VENUS* 

MARS: I’m going to kill you! First, I’ll skin you alive and then I’ll— 

*OVID quickly gets up and hides behind his chair* 

*The Audience gasps* 

VENUS: No baby! Stop!  


OVID: This is all just a big misunderstanding… (laughs nervously) 


MARS: You didn’t sleep with my girlfriend? 


OVID: Well I would never want to deny that (OVID mutters to the crowd), but for you I will. (smiles up at MARS) 

*MARS is visibly confused by OVID’s response* 

MARS: I don’t get it. (turns to VENUS) 


VENUS: That’s okay sweetie, let’s just sit down and focus on the interview. (VENUS gently rubs MARS’ arm to calm him down before they sit) 


MARS: Fine, let’s get this stupid thing over with. (MARS pulls his arm away quickly) 

OVID: (Exhales finally relieved) Perfect! Well I want to thank the both of you, I know how much time it takes to teleport from Mount Olympus. 


VENUS: It’s exhausting darling! You’re so lucky that you humans can’t do it, but at least I don’t have to walk everywhere—now that sounds just awful. 

Emy Sosa- Pyramus and Thisbe

I decided I wanted to do my own version of the death scene in Pyramus and Thisbe, and this was the outcome.